Wild: Swahili translation = Mwitu

You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet of late.

This does not mean that we have been idle. God forbid!

No, we have been getting on with business, getting our products into stores across the south east, working with home party retailers, getting our BAFTS (British Fair Trade Shops) accreditation and generally beavering away.

Its just that we thought it was best to keep our heads down for a little while as not everyone who reads this blog has had love in their hearts.

So we have now resurfaced in the blogasphere with some VERY BIG NEWS!!!!


We are going forward with a brand new look and a brand new name……

Mwitu is of course Wild in Swahili …. you knew,I know.

There will be a little time between the end of Wild and the birth of Mwitu as we get the products and the website ready.

So if anyone one wants to get a really great deal they should visit the website (you have until the 6th May) to get 50% off orders over £13.00 with the code – ByeWild 

Happy Shopping!!

Beauty Marketing …. which Wild shopper are you?

September’s approaching and it is time for us to gird our loins and make a big push for Christmas. Despite the remaining sun, retail buyers are now looking out for new ideas and beautiful gifts and Wild is here to provide both of course!

To get noticed is always the trick and that word ‘Marketing’ raises its head yet again. Of course there is always some expert willing to do this for you and relieve you of some cash but its amazing what advice you can get for free on the Internet if you trail around it long enough.The amount of research that has been done on our buying habits is quite staggering and there are some interesting little factoids that I am going to share with you, dear reader.

Did you know for example, that 87% of the British public visit multiple shops before parting with their cash, and 39% ( mostly women) ‘hop’ to 3 different shops to compare prices?

It seems however that men are not natural ‘high street hoppers’ – 12% actually do no shopping at all and 22% actually ‘hate being frugal’, refusing to haggle or compare prices – I love that!

What really got me hooked though was a nifty little table that sectioned out the beauty buyer in particular.

Apparently us ladies come in six different types. There is The Minimalist who says “I don’t have the time or the will to work on my appearance. If I look nice then good for me but if I don’t then too bad!” M-mmmm girl you need to work on that attitude…


Then there is the The Just Smart woman who says “I don’t care as much about my appearance. I do the minimum to be presentable”. Maybe not quite such a lost cause…
There is also The Naturalist, “I like to use beauty products but want to appear as natural as possible”. Getting warmer…
Sensual woman says ” I like my skin to be soft, my hair to be silky, my perfume to smell good. I like to feel good”. Now she hot…
We also have Young Woman who says “it’s important for me to be attractive, it shows that I’m young” …sigh
And last but certainly not least we have ………

BEAUTY WOMAN, who apparently thinks “you can’t be a woman if you’re not on top of your beauty”. Make of that what you will…

Now which one are you???

Answers please on a postcard.

Do you have a marketing plan??? aaargh!

Boris thinks WILD

When you’re starting out, as I am, it’s good to listen to as many people as possible.  Everybody has something to offer and there is always a new little light bulb that goes off in my head during a conversation, something that I’ve not thought of.

There are however a couple of things that everyone asks.

“So, what’s your marketing strategy and … Do you have a business plan?

Now I have a problem with plans and am a great believer of the adage ” life is what happens to you while you’re making plans”

In a previous life I was asked to do a yearly, three yearly and five yearly plan and I, along with others, would slave over it for days, pull my hair out and swear a lot trying to take into account all the variables that might happen and what the outcome of these might be.  Once finished it would be presented, talked about, assessed, and then it would be put in the bottom drawer of my desk and never see sunlight again.

Now I don’t have to answer to anyone but the bank manager I can skip gaily through life in an unplanned and giddy fashion, throwing bits of paper behind me into the wind.

But yessss, I do have a plan .. sort of..

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