If you’ve got your earrings in you’ll be ok…

At the moment my business is all about the computer; solidly working my way through a data base of jounalists, bloggers and the like in order to get the name about, to get those all important product reviews for the WILD Body Butters and Soaps.

( and just to add here that this is starting to pay off – 4 great reviews last week! )

This means that it is frighteningly easy to find yourself attached to your laptop at 11.30 in the morning still in your dressing gown or even tapping away while your body remains toasty under the sheets. Its been very, very cold.

But it doesn’t take long to realise that this is NOT THE WAY TO GO.

The protestant guilt kicks in even if you have actually been working productively all that time.

There is just something about getting up taking a shower, putting on your make up and ….. as my friend Annie insists…. putting in your earrings, that just means business. Pat Butcher you were an inspiration to us all.

And now I have been joined at the work table by Iona and Sarah I think its only polite to look my best.

The WILD team is expanding – you read it here first 🙂

Ethics and Silk Moths

I am assured a sample of the Wild soap should be with me this week – I feel like I am constantly waiting at the moment and it is immensely frustrating.

My wait was made even longer by several weeks of indecision over the formulation of the soaps. Originally I had wanted to add silk from the wild silk moths of the Aruboko-Sukoke forest as I know how it really can add a silkiness to the texture of the soap. I had discovered on my trip to Kenya how silk collection from these wild silk moths is giving the local farmers another income source that is sustainable and discourages the cutting down of trees for fire wood that is a serious conservation problem.

However as I researched further I began to realise why vegetarians and vegans object  to silk.

Who knew about the process of collecting silk ? – not me!

So after some soul searching I decided that extra silkiness could not really justify the amount of suffering to the moth.

Animal rights versus income creation for humans and forest conservation, its a tough one.

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