Momentum, good luck and superstition

pop up shop 3So we came to the end of our stint at the Victoria Pop Up Shop which I hate to admit I wasn’t too sorry about!  Although I think our products and the rest of the shop looked lovely it was a somewhat uncomfortable experience. Wild was at the entrance and we kept the door open to encourage visitors  so I spent most of my time there stamping my feet, swaddled in my huge scarf . The shop was also at the bottom of a a huge office block at the back of a wind tunnel that made up the shopping area in Victoria. Prime location it was not!

Pop Up Shop general

All of us tried valiantly though! Alexandra from @TeaStainedLil had us handing out leaflets and goodies to encourage people to at least walk over the threshold! Which at times actually seemed to work!

What was encouraging though, was that pretty much everyone that tried Wild products bought and were generally very enthusiastic about them – so we have hopefully collected some more converts!

Another reason that I am glad we did Pop Up Britain is that there is something about the nature of activity  – any activity – that seems to make other things happen. Momentum is a strange thing.

We have had a bit of good luck but I am feeling a bit wary about putting this in print just yet!

Call it Superstition, but just in case, I am not divulging until it is Signed, Sealed and almost Delivered. Stevie Wonder thank you 🙂

In the meantime I am off to Kenya for a short trip when I hope to take lots more photos and bring lots of lovely things back. Here’s hoping the Kenyan elections don’t make it a difficult trip

Pop Up Britain Victoria – Eland House

pop up shop 1

Well a bit more news to report – and its EXCITING!!!

From 19th Feb, next Tuesday, to the 3rd March we have been awarded space for Wild Skincare in Pop Up Britain’s Victoria shop in Eland House in Bressenden Place.

Along with the 4 other start up businesses we are sharing the shop with, we are tasked with getting as many people as possible to COME ON DOWN !!

Now you might think that there can’t be much need to to promote the shop being situated in the beautiful new Victoria shopping area surrounded by office workers


It is actually pretty difficult to find, tucked away to the side of M & S, and not looking especially ‘shop like’. See Pic:-

pop up shop 2

So I am asking politely if you would spread the word anyway you can – Copy the link to this post and share on Face Book, Twitter, email etc, etc

Actually forget about the polite bit.


(sorry about all the shouting)  🙂

Lessons learnt and pseudo-science babble

9.55am and still opening boxes!

I am officially in recovery mode from the weekend at Olympia. Three days at the Allergy and Free From show that was open to the public has left me in serious need of a lie down!

With a queue trailing round the corner the show opens at 10.00am and they, (the public, the punters, the potential customers) all pile in so you’d better be ready! This time we were positioned quite near the entrance which was good, next to another company selling a single ‘miracle’ cream and that, dear readers, was very bad.

After 3 days of hearing a constant stream of pseudo -science and hard sell from my neighbours I was left with mixed emotions. Firstly, I have to say, being total disbelief of what I was hearing… the claims, the shameless twisting of science and non science alike.  It left a bad taste in your mouth especially when there were so many people there who had real skin problems and who were so anxious to believe. The second was a sort of grudging admiration for their sheer tenacity in getting a sale.

It didn’t take long for us to realise we had to step up our game and squirt passing people with cream as they trudged up the aisles with equal boldness!

Three days later and we have made a lot of sales, have a lot more information on what people want and like  and a lot of new friends. We are feeling generally very pleased with ourselves.

There’s no doubt though, it’s exhausting….  which reminds me that a quick mention just has  to go to Dave at Freedom Deli who kept us going with a constant supply of tasty titbits throughout the day. Pies to die for!

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