Ethics and Silk Moths

I am assured a sample of the Wild soap should be with me this week – I feel like I am constantly waiting at the moment and it is immensely frustrating.

My wait was made even longer by several weeks of indecision over the formulation of the soaps. Originally I had wanted to add silk from the wild silk moths of the Aruboko-Sukoke forest as I know how it really can add a silkiness to the texture of the soap. I had discovered on my trip to Kenya how silk collection from these wild silk moths is giving the local farmers another income source that is sustainable and discourages the cutting down of trees for fire wood that is a serious conservation problem.

However as I researched further I began to realise why vegetarians and vegans object  to silk.

Who knew about the process of collecting silk ? – not me!

So after some soul searching I decided that extra silkiness could not really justify the amount of suffering to the moth.

Animal rights versus income creation for humans and forest conservation, its a tough one.

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