Do you have a marketing plan??? aaargh!

Boris thinks WILD

When you’re starting out, as I am, it’s good to listen to as many people as possible.  Everybody has something to offer and there is always a new little light bulb that goes off in my head during a conversation, something that I’ve not thought of.

There are however a couple of things that everyone asks.

“So, what’s your marketing strategy and … Do you have a business plan?

Now I have a problem with plans and am a great believer of the adage ” life is what happens to you while you’re making plans”

In a previous life I was asked to do a yearly, three yearly and five yearly plan and I, along with others, would slave over it for days, pull my hair out and swear a lot trying to take into account all the variables that might happen and what the outcome of these might be.  Once finished it would be presented, talked about, assessed, and then it would be put in the bottom drawer of my desk and never see sunlight again.

Now I don’t have to answer to anyone but the bank manager I can skip gaily through life in an unplanned and giddy fashion, throwing bits of paper behind me into the wind.

But yessss, I do have a plan .. sort of..

Double Dip

I sort of knew before I started that an iron like resolve  is needed to bring a product to market but the dips and peaks of it all have still taken me by surprise at times.

I briefly developed a sort of impotent fury at some of the big brands for bringing out new product after new product with what seems like total ease. This was swiftly followed by a nasty sinking feeling when I  read how beauty bloggers  feel overwhelmed with all the new brands and the new ‘stuff’  from the established brands that flood their in-boxes every day.

But then I see an old friend who let us just say, is not known for holding her punches , calls a spade a spade (you get the idea) and she loves everything about the products. Then I get a fantastic offer of help with the marketing and sales from someone who has already successfully launched a brand and I’m up again.

So for anyone out there who is thinking of doing something similar but mostly for myself the advice has to be  ‘KEEP THE FAITH’.

And so in a spirit of positivity and because everyone loves a cat photo here is one I took earlier….

Wild Cat, Wild Fabric oh yeah – Meet Boris the Bengal

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