Handbag Sized Creams from Wild!

Well my word it has been a long time since I did this – almost forgotten how to do it.

Summer – that’s the reason.

ANYWAY…. What about these chubby little beauties? I am so excited about them. They are just perfect to fit into your handbag.  Pop one in your purse and never again will you be caught short in a moisturising emergency! Hands, feet, lips and face, the body butters can be used anywhere – this is the joy of natural skincare creams with such pure ingredients.

I may have been silent for a couple of months but I have not been idle – well only for a little, for a couple of weeks – I have been sorting out this new addition to the range and trying to get sorted for the run up to Christmas.

I realised that a smaller size of our creams was a good idea when lots and lots of our customers at the  Allergy and Free From show at Olympia were trying to march off with our testers.

So after much trialling  and searching for the perfect pot and making new labels and making more cream and and … we have these lovely little airless dispensers that keep the cream perfectly fresh and hygienic.

What’s not to love?

Trade show virgin no longer.

Well we did it, 2  days at Olympia, which took me 3 days to recover from!

It was sort of fun I think.

When K and I drove into the unloading car park hanger type thing on the  day before the show we had a similar feeling to when we picked up the oils from Heathrow Goods terminal. Sort of …. oooh look at us, playing with the grown ups with their big white vans with logos and everything.

Then, when we carried in our stuff to get the stand ready, K was momentarily distracted by the large numbers of lovely ladies wandering around setting up things. I managed, you’ll be pleased to know, to get him back on task by shoving some sticky velcro in his hand and after arranging our lovely fabrics, hanging and sticking our photo boards and stacking our products we headed home for an early night.

The next 2 days with the help of Rachel and Sarah we talked to a lot of people and introduced ourselves to the world of natural products. I have to say that everyone was super friendly. Natural products seem to attract nice people, which is nice!

Because our stand was so tiny we all took breaks to wander round the show to see what sort of other goodies were on offer. K struck up various friendships with some food companies on his wanders and managed to get himself fed by Aimee’s Kitchens and the Sicilian Meat Company throughout the 2 days. This was a big help to the budget, as you can imagine.

The reaction to WILD Body Butters, Soaps and our new range of Facial Oils that we were launching was fantastic. It’s nice to know that your instincts are correct. So many people loved the packaging, the colour,the concept and of course the products.

Interestingly Baobab was a feature of two other exhibitors who were extolling the virtues of the fruit as a “superfood”. This can only help in my campaign to get Baobab up there competing with Argan Oil as it should be.

We will win on this and with all the other unique African oils we are using, I am sure!

If you’ve got your earrings in you’ll be ok…

At the moment my business is all about the computer; solidly working my way through a data base of jounalists, bloggers and the like in order to get the name about, to get those all important product reviews for the WILD Body Butters and Soaps.

( and just to add here that this is starting to pay off – 4 great reviews last week! )

This means that it is frighteningly easy to find yourself attached to your laptop at 11.30 in the morning still in your dressing gown or even tapping away while your body remains toasty under the sheets. Its been very, very cold.

But it doesn’t take long to realise that this is NOT THE WAY TO GO.

The protestant guilt kicks in even if you have actually been working productively all that time.

There is just something about getting up taking a shower, putting on your make up and ….. as my friend Annie insists…. putting in your earrings, that just means business. Pat Butcher you were an inspiration to us all.

And now I have been joined at the work table by Iona and Sarah I think its only polite to look my best.

The WILD team is expanding – you read it here first 🙂

What did science ever do for us?

Nothing I cry, nothing! …..

Actually, not quite true and I’m quite a big fan. So I’m not about to shout and harangue but I do think that we should think about the unnecessary chemicals we take in through the food we eat or the products we place on our skin.

A lot has been written about the dangers of chemical additives in cosmetics, some of which borders on the hysterical and on the other side there is a lot of hilarious made up sciencey-type claims made about ‘magic’ ingredients by men dressed up in white coats.(see above)

Its little wonder that we are all confused and cynical or is that just me?

So the bottom line is that if there is water in a product, basically any cream at all, there has to be a preservative, a chemical if you like,  or it will go off.  Unless of course you keep the product in a fridge and not many stores are keen on having refrigerated sections for their beauty products.

But of course there are preservatives and preservatives. There are things you should definitely be on the look out for to try to avoid like Sodium Laurel Suflate(SLS) which strips your skin of natural oils and can cause extreme senstivity: and Parabens because of its links to cancer and its toxicity.

For my Wild Body Butters, having spent a lot of time investigating and testing, I have used the most ‘natural’ preservative I can find.

If you’re interested it is called Optiphen  and it is a unique paraben-free and formaldehyde-free liquid preservative system which consists of Phenoxyethanol in an emollient base of Caprylyl Glycol.

Phew, too much Latin, need to lie down …


Well after my post holiday dip I am starting to feel that we can achieve this for Christmas as we had originally planned.

The fabric designs are done and looking beautiful and the gold lids look suitably blingy. We now decide that perhaps the logo should be in gold to match the lids and that we could do something to make the label look like real fabric. Its very easy to get carried away!

Wild Body Butter with Shea and Body Butte

I am starting to turn my attention to the marketing and the website and I get in contact with my favorite beauty blogger to see if she can give me some advice about using social media as part of a marketing strategy. She agrees to meet which is very exciting – the cross over from a virtual friend to a real life person will be something new.

As for the website – I think OMG is the right expression. I keep looking at websites I like and just know they have cost way more than we can afford. I really love the LUTA clothing website – Luke along with many others including members of my family have done a great job on it.

WILD will have a lot to live up to!

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