Wild: Swahili translation = Mwitu

You may have noticed that we have been a bit quiet of late.

This does not mean that we have been idle. God forbid!

No, we have been getting on with business, getting our products into stores across the south east, working with home party retailers, getting our BAFTS (British Fair Trade Shops) accreditation and generally beavering away.

Its just that we thought it was best to keep our heads down for a little while as not everyone who reads this blog has had love in their hearts.

So we have now resurfaced in the blogasphere with some VERY BIG NEWS!!!!


We are going forward with a brand new look and a brand new name……

Mwitu is of course Wild in Swahili …. you knew,I know.

There will be a little time between the end of Wild and the birth of Mwitu as we get the products and the website ready.

So if anyone one wants to get a really great deal they should visit the website (you have until the 6th May) to get 50% off orders over £13.00 with the code РByeWild 

Happy Shopping!!

Thames Festival goes a bit Wild

There were a few characters wondering around the Thames Festival this Sunday who could have done with a bit of Wild Body Butter …. soft and moisturised they were not.

The organisers had put on a great show and there were a lot of fantastic costumes and great music that provided a wonderful backdrop to the traders stalls. So when we wanted a little break from informing interested potential customers on the benefits of Baobab oil we wondered over to see various huge animals jumping around to the music.


And in the evening we had a wonderful show of Samba music and dancers.

So despite the cold, wind and occasional rain we were able to stay positive and make good sales which made us even happier!
It was also great to have a customer from the Pop Up store in Victoria recognise us and tell us how much she had liked the Cape Chestnut hand cream she had bought and of course that she then bought again.
There really is nothing like getting out and meeting your customers especially with this view to look out on.


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