Spirit of Christmas aftermath

Well I got through it! 6 days of hard sell aided and abetted by Chris who is founder of  http://www.cardsfromafrica.co.uk/

It certainly helps to do these sort of things with a partner even if it is just to keep yourself sane after you have said the same thing about 500 times. One of our strategies for getting through this was to try giving our pitch in different accents but we didn’t last long . Chris made a lame attempt at Scottish and I started to laugh which was not very helpful so I decided that the ladies of Kensngton would not get the pleasure of my brummie accent, even if it is rather good.

Another suggestion from a friend was to take over the selling at someone else’s stand which in fact I had to do for a while, from the lady selling Alpaca – see photo.

Despite the hard work I did rather enjoy meeting the public and hearing the feedback and I also got some great tips about other fairs from some of the other traders. http://www.marasculpture.com/index.htm and http://www.alisongardiner.co.uk/ were two who were particularly helpful.

So what did I learn – well that there are are a lot of SW ladies that like Kenya, that the little handbag sized body butters and the bags made by the Masai ladies are both winners and that nearly everyone likes a bit of lavender…

That’s enough for now I think.

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