Momentum, good luck and superstition

pop up shop 3So we came to the end of our stint at the Victoria Pop Up Shop which I hate to admit I wasn’t too sorry about!  Although I think our products and the rest of the shop looked lovely it was a somewhat uncomfortable experience. Wild was at the entrance and we kept the door open to encourage visitors  so I spent most of my time there stamping my feet, swaddled in my huge scarf . The shop was also at the bottom of a a huge office block at the back of a wind tunnel that made up the shopping area in Victoria. Prime location it was not!

Pop Up Shop general

All of us tried valiantly though! Alexandra from @TeaStainedLil had us handing out leaflets and goodies to encourage people to at least walk over the threshold! Which at times actually seemed to work!

What was encouraging though, was that pretty much everyone that tried Wild products bought and were generally very enthusiastic about them – so we have hopefully collected some more converts!

Another reason that I am glad we did Pop Up Britain is that there is something about the nature of activity  – any activity – that seems to make other things happen. Momentum is a strange thing.

We have had a bit of good luck but I am feeling a bit wary about putting this in print just yet!

Call it Superstition, but just in case, I am not divulging until it is Signed, Sealed and almost Delivered. Stevie Wonder thank you 🙂

In the meantime I am off to Kenya for a short trip when I hope to take lots more photos and bring lots of lovely things back. Here’s hoping the Kenyan elections don’t make it a difficult trip

Feeling gleeful …

about several things this week.


Number one reason for glee is that I am planning a week’s trip to Kenya this month having taken advantage of an amazing half price deal. I will be taking as many photos as I can of trees, plants, markets and all things colourful to help the website to look beautiful.

K and I will also be dropping in on Cristina, the founder of, the accessories brand, who lives in Nairobi as I’d like to get her take on where Wild had got to so far. Hopefully she will be able to give me a few tips! Finally we plan to visit our suppliers to make sure the next time we make our orders things can progress as smoothly as possible -it will also be just nice to catch up to say hi and thanks

Number two reason for glee, is that things seem finally to be moving. Just like when you are buying a house, setting up a new business means dealing with a long chain that can get stuck or broken very easily – A can only happen if B is finished and this can only happen if C, D and E are also sorted. The shop website, for example, can only be finalised when we have all our photos but we need the products finished and most importantly packaged up before we can take those photos.

But now I have the labels at the printers, the creams in production and the soaps ready and waiting to be packaged up. I have also fixed a date for our photo shoot of all the WILD girls (and a few boys!) that I can gather for the home page of the website . I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long and chaotic day!

Third reason for glee? We won the pub quiz of course. After many, many times in second place Val and the Gang finally got their hands on the cash. All things come to those who keep trying, or something ..Thank you the Bull and Last!


Ethics and Silk Moths

I am assured a sample of the Wild soap should be with me this week – I feel like I am constantly waiting at the moment and it is immensely frustrating.

My wait was made even longer by several weeks of indecision over the formulation of the soaps. Originally I had wanted to add silk from the wild silk moths of the Aruboko-Sukoke forest as I know how it really can add a silkiness to the texture of the soap. I had discovered on my trip to Kenya how silk collection from these wild silk moths is giving the local farmers another income source that is sustainable and discourages the cutting down of trees for fire wood that is a serious conservation problem.

However as I researched further I began to realise why vegetarians and vegans object  to silk.

Who knew about the process of collecting silk ? – not me!

So after some soul searching I decided that extra silkiness could not really justify the amount of suffering to the moth.

Animal rights versus income creation for humans and forest conservation, its a tough one.

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