Wild about Local Markets and Country Fairs


Hot, hot, hot – who needs the Costa del Sol? Not us Wild girls … we’re going native!

Kerri and I have decided to take advantage of this glorious English summer and do a little exploring around the country. There is a whole world out there of local markets and country fairs that provides opportunities for meeting our customers and increasing our fan base and so we thought, lets get out of London!

I know, scary…

So to that end we have been working on our presentation and guess what! Those crates (see Allergy & Free From post) have come in handy. Not only do they look great but you can carry the produce in them. Total win, win! And every fair we do we get admiring enquiries about them.. Should probably be getting some commission from the crate company by now.

The handmade soaps though we’ve stacked in one of the wooden moulds they are made in and I think that works well too – see pic above.

So how have these little forays been going? Well apart from the heat making some of the soap sweat 😓😟,pretty darn good actually. It is really helping us get a better idea of who are customers are and just when you think you’ve cracked it, in terms of knowing who’s a buyer and who’s a browser, you get surprised.

If only people were easier to categorise, things would be so much simpler for us hardworking marketeers!

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