What did science ever do for us?

Nothing I cry, nothing! …..

Actually, not quite true and I’m quite a big fan. So I’m not about to shout and harangue but I do think that we should think about the unnecessary chemicals we take in through the food we eat or the products we place on our skin.

A lot has been written about the dangers of chemical additives in cosmetics, some of which borders on the hysterical and on the other side there is a lot of hilarious made up sciencey-type claims made about ‘magic’ ingredients by men dressed up in white coats.(see above)

Its little wonder that we are all confused and cynical or is that just me?

So the bottom line is that if there is water in a product, basically any cream at all, there has to be a preservative, a chemical if you like,  or it will go off.  Unless of course you keep the product in a fridge and not many stores are keen on having refrigerated sections for their beauty products.

But of course there are preservatives and preservatives. There are things you should definitely be on the look out for to try to avoid like Sodium Laurel Suflate(SLS) which strips your skin of natural oils and can cause extreme senstivity: and Parabens because of its links to cancer and its toxicity.

For my Wild Body Butters, having spent a lot of time investigating and testing, I have used the most ‘natural’ preservative I can find.

If you’re interested it is called Optiphen  and it is a unique paraben-free and formaldehyde-free liquid preservative system which consists of Phenoxyethanol in an emollient base of Caprylyl Glycol.

Phew, too much Latin, need to lie down …

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