Shameless self promotion…no other excuse.

Its amazing what you will find yourself doing when you are touting your wares to a public that is currently over whelmed with sales messages and reluctant to spend money.

I am now looking at everything from the perspective  thinking how can I make this help my PR campaign for Wild.  So when I spied on Twitter that a journalist from Femail (millions of readers – think of the exposure !!!) was looking for a mother and daughter who borrowed each others  clothes I thought Aha.. yes .. we’ve done that, daughter and I..

And without a moments hesitation I sent off a link to a photo of us both thinking they’ll have to mention what I do, link to website, etc etc.  When they came back to me and said yes, my poor daughter was rail-roaded into agreeing. Sometimes you just have to pull rank!

So on Friday I found myself trailing down to the offices of the Mail in Kensington with a suitcase full of clothes that we both have worn feeling slightly fearful that it was going to be given a “Hotter than My Daughter” sort of treatment.

Well it isn’t out yet but I have been given assurances it is a straight piece and it was actually a very pleasant experience. The ladies who did hair and make up were lovely as was the stylist Liz and the female photographer. Out this Thursday or next Monday  I think!

So there you are – it might not sell any Wild products but it was actually a lot of fun and they do say its about the journey don’t they ? 🙂

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