Well after my post holiday dip I am starting to feel that we can achieve this for Christmas as we had originally planned.

The fabric designs are done and looking beautiful and the gold lids look suitably blingy. We now decide that perhaps the logo should be in gold to match the lids and that we could do something to make the label look like real fabric. Its very easy to get carried away!

Wild Body Butter with Shea and Body Butte

I am starting to turn my attention to the marketing and the website and I get in contact with my favorite beauty blogger to see if she can give me some advice about using social media as part of a marketing strategy. She agrees to meet which is very exciting – the cross over from a virtual friend to a real life person will be something new.

As for the website – I think OMG is the right expression. I keep looking at websites I like and just know they have cost way more than we can afford. I really love the LUTA clothing website – Luke along with many others including members of my family have done a great job on it.

WILD will have a lot to live up to!

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