Cruelty Free and Wild

This is just a little post to let Wild friends know that we have now got our first ‘certification’. Acquiring any certification is a lengthy process that requires a certain doggedness but it is worth it in the end. There are so many companies both small and big that make spurious claims that it is a good thing that organisations like  are so thorough in checking and checking, that standards are met on a regular basis.

So here is the logo that we have added to our site


and so we are now up there with Body Shop in agreeing the there should be no animal testing if not in sales figures  ….. that’s for next year. (what, no exclamation mark?)

And while we are on the path of blowing our own trumpet it was very pleasing to hear from a customer, who discovered us in her local shop, ( yes we are spreading slowly across,  the UK!) who is a marine biologist and surfer, who suffers from eczema, that our Avocado Body Butter with Aloe for Sensitive skin was soothing her cracked skin within an hour of her using it.


Now that’s worth shouting about too don’t you think?

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