Is Frankincense Doomed?


Fairly recently there was a somewhat alarming news story about how the world was running out of Frankincense and I worried I was adding to the problem by using it in my products. Frankincense, as well as smelling wonderful, has amazing cell regenerating qualities which make it the perfect for skin rejuvenation. Thankfully, further investigation put my mind at rest!

Frankincense is of course obtained by cutting the bark of the Boswellia tree and collecting the wonderfully aromatic ‘tears’ of resin that this process creates. As we all know, it has been prized for thousands of years and so, when reports started coming in that there were no new trees growing to replace the older, dying ones, the world started to sit up and take note.

An extensive study began and it soon became clear that actually it was more likely to be burning, grazing or attack by the nasty sounding long-horn beetle that was responsible for the declining number of Boswellia trees.

So even though it is, I guess, ultimately Man’s responsibility as demand for land increases, at least it is not the cosmetics industry that is particularly to blame!

In fact it is more likely that the continuing demand for Frankincense for its smell and therapeutic value might just save it. The high prices that Frankincense can command means there have been calls for land to be set aside just to give the trees a chance to regenerate.

So phew! let us rejoice! All those incense burners and Wild Baobab cream with Frankincense can continue do to do their important work.

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