Thames Festival goes a bit Wild

There were a few characters wondering around the Thames Festival this Sunday who could have done with a bit of Wild Body Butter …. soft and moisturised they were not.

The organisers had put on a great show and there were a lot of fantastic costumes and great music that provided a wonderful backdrop to the traders stalls. So when we wanted a little break from informing interested potential customers on the benefits of Baobab oil we wondered over to see various huge animals jumping around to the music.


And in the evening we had a wonderful show of Samba music and dancers.

So despite the cold, wind and occasional rain we were able to stay positive and make good sales which made us even happier!
It was also great to have a customer from the Pop Up store in Victoria recognise us and tell us how much she had liked the Cape Chestnut hand cream she had bought and of course that she then bought again.
There really is nothing like getting out and meeting your customers especially with this view to look out on.


Let me tell you a little about the Cape Chestnut

Although there are a few aficionados out there, so far  Cape Chestnut oil, or Yangu oil, is not very well known and I think it deserves a little more attention than it is getting.

The Cape Chestnut tree grows across southern and eastern Africa and was given its name by a British explorer who , wrongly as it turned out, believed it to be a relative of the, very British, Horse Chestnut tree.

It really is a beautiful tree that produces a fantastic array of delicate pink flowers but it is its seeds that make it special. The seeds are collected by local women and gathered in huge piles where they are crushed and boiled in order to extract the oil which is light and easily absorbed.

Growing as it does in central Africa the Cape Chestnut has constant exposure to UV radiation all year long . So in order to protect itself from the constant onslaught of UV light on its DNA  it produces UV absorbers that are present in its seed oil.

Whilst it is not an alternative to sunscreen Cape Chestnut Oil has been shown to absorb, in particular, UVB rays which can burn or damage your skin all year round.

That’s why I think it is a secret worth sharing and makes it perfect for one of my body butters… coming soon!

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