Trade show virgin no longer.

Well we did it, 2  days at Olympia, which took me 3 days to recover from!

It was sort of fun I think.

When K and I drove into the unloading car park hanger type thing on the  day before the show we had a similar feeling to when we picked up the oils from Heathrow Goods terminal. Sort of …. oooh look at us, playing with the grown ups with their big white vans with logos and everything.

Then, when we carried in our stuff to get the stand ready, K was momentarily distracted by the large numbers of lovely ladies wandering around setting up things. I managed, you’ll be pleased to know, to get him back on task by shoving some sticky velcro in his hand and after arranging our lovely fabrics, hanging and sticking our photo boards and stacking our products we headed home for an early night.

The next 2 days with the help of Rachel and Sarah we talked to a lot of people and introduced ourselves to the world of natural products. I have to say that everyone was super friendly. Natural products seem to attract nice people, which is nice!

Because our stand was so tiny we all took breaks to wander round the show to see what sort of other goodies were on offer. K struck up various friendships with some food companies on his wanders and managed to get himself fed by Aimee’s Kitchens and the Sicilian Meat Company throughout the 2 days. This was a big help to the budget, as you can imagine.

The reaction to WILD Body Butters, Soaps and our new range of Facial Oils that we were launching was fantastic. It’s nice to know that your instincts are correct. So many people loved the packaging, the colour,the concept and of course the products.

Interestingly Baobab was a feature of two other exhibitors who were extolling the virtues of the fruit as a “superfood”. This can only help in my campaign to get Baobab up there competing with Argan Oil as it should be.

We will win on this and with all the other unique African oils we are using, I am sure!

Phew ..Christmas…Just managed it!

So I manage somehow to get the website up and running 4 days before Christmas. It became a matter of principle in the end as I knew most people had done their purchasing and getting any products to customers in time was going to be a stretch. But we managed it!

I had promised anyone living in London a hand delivery and so I drove around North and East London like a mad white van woman dispensing body butters and soaps to the lovely people that had ordered. We also managed to get sent out quite a few boxes and they actually arrived in time for Christmas. Satisfied customers hurrah!

In the end, what had kept us back was the labels for the Body Butters. There had been a problem with the gold foiling and so one of the first things I had started working on was the last to be sorted out. I was almost exploding with frustration.

In order to save an extra day K  offered to drive down to Dorset to collect them. He was possibly regretting this slightly mad offer when, after a very heavy Christmas party, he dragged himself out of bed at 5 in the morning to do a 7 hour round trip.

What a hero!

The labels looked great though

If you fancy a purchase check out the website

An African Adventure that Launches a Brand

This is a big hello to everyone who has ever had a mad idea. I hope my story will be of interest to some of you out there.

Have you ever, at any time, thought to yourself as you’ve traveled to different countries….

“There is something here, an idea, a product, that I know that they’d love back home? I should just import them or use them in some way, I’m sure I could make it work! It would help everyone out here and I’d love to have a go at starting a company, launching a brand…..”

Well, look no further, this is the blog for you!!

I am going to invite you to share in my journey that sees a nostalgia trip to East Africa ending with a decision to launch a range of soaps, body butters, hand creams and lip balms in the UK.

Learn by our mistakes, be inspired or be enlightened – you decide!

And here’s the website

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