Handbag Sized Creams from Wild!

Well my word it has been a long time since I did this – almost forgotten how to do it.

Summer – that’s the reason.

ANYWAY…. What about these chubby little beauties? I am so excited about them. They are just perfect to fit into your handbag.  Pop one in your purse and never again will you be caught short in a moisturising emergency! Hands, feet, lips and face, the body butters can be used anywhere – this is the joy of natural skincare creams with such pure ingredients.

I may have been silent for a couple of months but I have not been idle – well only for a little, for a couple of weeks – I have been sorting out this new addition to the range and trying to get sorted for the run up to Christmas.

I realised that a smaller size of our creams was a good idea when lots and lots of our customers at the  Allergy and Free From show at Olympia were trying to march off with our testers.

So after much trialling  and searching for the perfect pot and making new labels and making more cream and and … we have these lovely little airless dispensers that keep the cream perfectly fresh and hygienic.

What’s not to love?

Just too sensitive?… then come on down to Olympia Allergy Show

Well I was always a glutton for punishment so next weekend at extremely short notice we, at Wild HQ, have decided to exhibit again at Olympia.

Smiling through the pain!

The big difference is that this time its open to the buying public!!

So for three days, 18th, 19th and 20th May, I am hoping that I will see some of the more sensitive among you down at the Allergy and Free From show. I have been encouraged to get as many people as I can, so get in contact if you want a link to free tickets.

Ooh how far away lazing down the Gambia river seems now.

There’s postcards to print, stock to order and paper bags to stamp and all sorts of practical chores to finish before I can meet some fans! I will unceremoniously be torn away from the more lofty pursuits that have been occupying my time lately. That is preparing a series of  ‘webinars’ for a skill sharing channel aimed at the African continent as well as writing another blog (am I mad?) for the US  magazine In with Skin.

Jack of all trades but master of none, as my dear old dad would say…

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