Start-ups? Pop-ups? New Launches? Time to get Serious!

pop up shopWell here we are at the beginning of Wild’s second year and as it is the traditional time of year to take stock I thought I would throw out a couple of general facts and figures that I have recently scared myself with.

Did you know that on the 31st of December 2012, there were 954 start ups registered at Companies House ? This figure goes up to 28,718 for the whole month and to 484,224 for the whole year. This is an increase from the previous year of almost 10%.

This is a quote from Jane Cunningham aka BritishBeautyBlogger and beauty editor for Metro.

“2012 has been the year of being swamped with beauty launches. I have never known a year so saturated with newness. On the one hand, this is great – it certainly keeps me in a job – but on the other, we’re in danger of being deafened by the noise.”

Last year has seen retail sales rising less than inflation and this has meant that even major brands such as HMV, Ebay and Hobbs have taken to opening makeshift  stores under the ‘PopUp Shop’  banner; something that begun when smaller, innovative brands who struggled to get retail space pushed their way into empty retail units.

So what does this all mean….. for Wild…?

It means that 2013 will see some partners come on board to take us into first gear that’s what! No time for wasting time.

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