Lessons learnt and pseudo-science babble

9.55am and still opening boxes!

I am officially in recovery mode from the weekend at Olympia. Three days at the Allergy and Free From show that was open to the public has left me in serious need of a lie down!

With a queue trailing round the corner the show opens at 10.00am and they, (the public, the punters, the potential customers) all pile in so you’d better be ready! This time we were positioned quite near the entrance which was good, next to another company selling a single ‘miracle’ cream and that, dear readers, was very bad.

After 3 days of hearing a constant stream of pseudo -science and hard sell from my neighbours I was left with mixed emotions. Firstly, I have to say, being total disbelief of what I was hearing… the claims, the shameless twisting of science and non science alike.  It left a bad taste in your mouth especially when there were so many people there who had real skin problems and who were so anxious to believe. The second was a sort of grudging admiration for their sheer tenacity in getting a sale.

It didn’t take long for us to realise we had to step up our game and squirt passing people with cream as they trudged up the aisles with equal boldness!

Three days later and we have made a lot of sales, have a lot more information on what people want and like  and a lot of new friends. We are feeling generally very pleased with ourselves.

There’s no doubt though, it’s exhausting….  which reminds me that a quick mention just has  to go to Dave at Freedom Deli who kept us going with a constant supply of tasty titbits throughout the day. Pies to die for!

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  1. Just noticed your lovely comment TY and it was a pleasure! Angela, Freedom Deli x


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