Fashion, Fashion, OMG!,#LFW, oh and databases ..

Well today is the start of London Fashion Week and everyone in even the smallest way connected has gone ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

The Tube is full of girls and boys dressed up in outrageous gear hoping to get papped and put on some stylehunters blog, Twitter has gone mad with the LFW mentions – its a giddy round of excitement.

Meanwhile Ioana and myself have continued to slog over our media data base! It is almost but not quite, a thing of beauty. Unfortunately there are just so many publications, blogs and e-magazines in existence now that we could probably go on adding names for another couple of weeks, years! We just have to stop at some point and actually send something out despite the temptation to keep on tweaking and tidying and rearranging it. It’s amazing how obsessive you can become over a list!

Meanwhile I am also trying to get my head around whether or not adding beeswax or honey to a body care product is a good thing or not. There is the thing about the world running out of bees and the pollution in Europe that is causing  “colony collapse disorder” in  the States but Africa is one of  places, along with Australia and New Zealand that you can still get honey and beeswax that is properly organic. There are several organisations working  to develop infrastructure to extract honey in Zambia, Ethiopia and Kenya  and exports of bee products can revitalise the economy of the forest villages, which is only a good thing.

More on this another time I think – got to find my bee wings and get down to Somerset House quick .

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