Get a Dog! Have I gone mad???

Now I no longer have to go to an office every day I started to entertain an idea that maybe I should now get a dog.  I begun to tell myself  it would help create a healthy pinkness in my cheeks,  stop my legs from seizing up in total atrophy and of course the dog would provide a reservoir of adoration that would sustain me through difficult days.

I grew up with a wonderful Rhodesian ridgeback and then two completely scatty red setters but since coming to London there has only been a wonderful procession of cats through my life.

Then I had a flurry of activity after a positive review with a hugely influential beauty blogger and a decision to take part in a trade show at Olympia. I was running round in a panic with not enough time to eat.  Get a dog … what was I thinking?  The joy of lying in bed in the morning, gone forever, the days of freezing wind and rain, unavoidable, the cats traumatised, the poobags…. basically it would be like having a toddler in the house again, only one that never grows up.

I am already on maximum stress trying to establish a brand in a hugely competative market. I’m about to exhibit for the first time ever to a huge range of potential distributors and industy insiders and I still have to keep on top of all the orders that are coming in.

So no, no dog ..

not yet anyway x

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  1. Alison David

     /  February 2, 2012

    That’s great news about the positive review and decision to do Olympia Valerie – Good luck!
    DEFINITELY no dog!!


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